Greenway Solutions announces the launch of EFTGuard

EFTGuard is a distinctly new protection program created to help small and medium businesses beat cybercrime. The program delivers unprecedented protection to shield businesses from potential online threats.  It includes up to $500k per customer / $100k per account coverage for losses incurred as a result of cybercrime.

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Risk Assessment Solutions for new FFIEC Guidance

The 2011 FFIEC Internet Banking Guidance calls for Financial Institutions to perform periodic risk assessments – at least every 12 months, prior to implementing new electronic financial services, and as new information becomes available.

Greenway Solutions offers Banks a range of FFIEC Risk Assessment services for Retail Banking, Commercial Banking and Retail Brokerage including:

  • Fraud Red TeamA comprehensive testing service that uses Greenway funded bank accounts to assesses how the Bank’s identity management, authentication, and fraud controls are working within and across customer contact channels.
  • FFIEC Audit - A paper based audit of online controls for high risk transactions mapped against the current threat environment and other FFIEC prescribed criteria.
  • Fraud Defect Analysis - Data analysis of actual fraud cases and mule accounts to determine where gaps exist in the current control environment.
  • Cyber Threat Analysis - Greenway experts issue a monthly Analysis Report of publically reported threats and how they impact various Bank businesses and support groups.

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